Bucharest Winds Ensemble (Eng)

Designed as a platform for wind players and aiming projects that include wind instruments, Bucharest Winds Ensemble enjoyed the attention of important music institutions right from the beginning: the Chișinău Philharmonic Orchestra, the Bucharest National Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Radio Chamber Orchestra, the Pitești Philharmonic Orchestra, Focşani Chamber Orchestra, A.R.C.U.B., “Tinerimea Română” National Center for Art, “Classic and Fantastic” Foundation, Union of Composers and Musicologists from Romania, “George Enescu” National Museum, “Ion Creangă” Theater are just some of the partners vhich the ensemble has concerted.

Bucharest Winds Ensemble has participated in National and International festivals such as Bucharest Music Film Festival, “Rinascimento Musici” Festival – Focșani, “Țintea muzicală” International Music Festival, “Memories from the childhood” Festival – Bucharest, “Mozart Festival” – Focșani.

Being designed with the declared purpose of promoting music for wind instruments, Bucharest Winds Ensemble has been pursuing from the very beginning the diversification of instrumental combinations to encompass the majority of chamber music genres and species that address to them. Among the conductors who have accepted the musical direction are well know names of the musical life from Romania: Mihail Agafiţa, David Crescenzi, Vincent Grüger, Cristian Brâncuşi and Tiberiu Soare.




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