The BIMC is a competition for wind quintet, brass quintet and composition that through a flexible and accessible way of organizing provides a platform where artists can feel comfortable competing, yet keeping the rigors and requirements necessary for a competition.


Composition 2021

Why to apply & what we offer:

  • cash prizes & special prizes
  • worldwide advertise for prize winners  
  • expenses reduced to minimum (no cost for transportation & accommodation)
  • presentation for the prize winners published on the website under the title “The Winners of The BIMC”
  • written feedback from the jury members (by request)


Monday, July 1st 2020

Opening of the competition

Friday, July 3rd 2020

Announcing the participants (Online on the THE WINNERS of THE BIMC)

Monday, July 30th 2020

Announcing the prize winners (Online on the THE WINNERS of THE BIMC)

Organizers reserve the right to make changes to this agenda.
All changes will be announced in due time.

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