Online Chamber Music Competition for Wind Instruments

Woodwind Quintet & Brass Quintet 


We wish to encourage more chamber music ensembles to perform and grow. A competition can offer many benefits to the participants and BIMC provides a platform where they can feel comfortable competing. We hope that this will help musicians realise their dreams and potential.

Why to apply & what we offer:

suitable for advanced woodwind quintet players as well first time competitors of any nationality

combined woodwind quintet players age limit is 150 years in full

expenses reduced to minimum – apart from the registration fee there is no cost for transportation, accommodation and meals for the woodwind quintet players

the only concern is providing quality video recordings for each of the 3 rounds

a challenging contest repertoire based on three rounds, each with additional technical and artistic requirements

a fixed repertoire for the three rounds of the competition that provides little room for subjectivity

one additional free-choice work for the 2nd round that gives flexibility for the woodwind quintet players

substantial cash general prizes and many special prizes for young woodwind quintet players

diplomas for each woodwind quintet ensemble passing in the 2nd round (semifinalist) and into the 3rd round (finalist)

certificates of recognition by request from the woodwind quintet players for chamber music theachers of each prize winner ensemble

presentation for the prize winners ensembles published on the website under the title “The Winners of The BIMC – Woodwind Quintet 2019”

written feedback from the jury members for each woodwind quintet ensemble performance by request from the players for all rounds


Monday, July 1st 2019
Opening of the competition (Online on the THE WINNERS of THE BIMC)

Monday, July 15th 2019
Announcing the prize winners (Online on the THE WINNERS of THE BIMC)

Organizers reserve the right to make changes to this agenda.
All changes will be announced in due time.

Asociatia Ars Ventus 


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