Wind Quintet 2022


  • Previous prize winners are not eligible to participate again as competitors (does not apply to special prizes winners)
  • The maximum age of the players must be 35 years old (on 1st of July 2022)
  • Only the traditional instrumental combination is accepted for the quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon)
  • *No citizen from Russia and Belarus for the next 10 years (2022 – 2032), because of the war


  • The deadline for the application documents is June 15, 2022
  • The deadline for the video performances is June 25, 2022

Application fee

  • The application fee is non-refundable
  • The application fee must be payed at once
  • All the bank charges must be paid by the applicants
  • Application fee is 50 for each player
  • *No application fee for Ukrainian citizens, because of the war

Payment methods 

*bank details, at the bottom of the page

Performances requirements

  • When recording, each piece should be played as in front of the Jury
  • Editing is NOT allowed!
    • No cut, blur, fade – inside or between movements
    • No pitch correction, equalization, filtering, echo
    • No digital zoom and optical effects
    • No text on the video performances
  • Quality video files (AVI, MP4, MOV) containing the required repertoire
  • The name of the quintet, of the composer, and of the piece, must be featured in each file’s name (in this particular order)
  • The required repertoire must be sent each piece in a separate file at bucharest.imc@gmail.com via a transfer service (e.g. www.filemail.com | www.wetransfer.com)
  • Links to video recordings will NOT be accepted (Youtube links, Google Drive links, etc.).

Performances recomandations

  • In order to provide the best quality audio for the video performances, it is allowed to use more than one professional external microphone when recording, still, using 5 dedicated microphones is not recommended
  • Put the video recording device at a shorter distance and try to avoid unwanted noise during recording
  • Camera has to be directed to the quintet and not in front of a bright light source
  • Performing from memory is not mandatory

Performances rights

  • According to the competition agenda, all video performances will be open to the public online, on the competition website and media channels during the judging process
  • During the judging process it is forbidden for the artists to post their performances on any platform, media sharing website, etc. 
  • After the end of the judging process (prize winner announcement), artists can use their performances in any way they like
  • The organizers reserve the right to use this performances and ensemble photos without any restriction for unlimited time in the interest of promoting the competition without any financial claim from the players


  • All quintet will receive participation diplomas
  • Chamber music theachers of each prize winner quintet will receive a certificate of recognition (by request)
  • After all nominations competition are finished, diplomas will be sent after 1st of February 2021


  • The prizes will be awarded based solely on the submitted video performances
  • General prizes do not cumulate with special prizes. Quintets that have won any of the two categories could not get a prize for the other category
  • Special prizes do not cumulate with each other. Quintets that have won any prize of the category could not get another prize for the same category
  • The pictures and presentations for the general and special prize winners will be published on the website under the title “The WINNERS of The BIMC”


  • The jury will consist of prominent musicians around the world
  • All jury decisions are final and irrevocable
  • The work of the jury is regulated by special rules
  • The members of the jury will be available for written feedback after the end of the competition (by request)

Asociatia Ars Ventus 

0040 766 366 162

Fiscal VAT number (CUI): 35364977
Banca Transilvania / Swift: BTRLRO22 / EURO IBAN: RO26BTRLEURCRT0334570301 
Șoseaua Orhideelor 19, Camera 94, Sector 6, București, România. Postal Code: 060071

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