Bucharest Wind Library

Editing Dinu Lipatti’s integral compositional creation for wind instruments.

Dinu Lipatti's creation for wind instruments includes 6 works:

1. "Introduction and allegro for solo flute" - Paris, June 11, 1939;
2. "Allegro for clarinet and bassoon" - date of the manuscript: 23 December 1936;
3. “Three sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti for the reed trio” - date of the manuscript: November 1943. Dedication: “Au Trio d’anches de Bruxelles”;
4. "Aubade for wind quartet" - composed in 1949;
5. “Roger Cortet Wind Quintet” (unfinished) - date of the manuscript: Paris, September 18, 1938. Dedication: “A Monsieur Roger Cortet”;
6. "Six sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti for wind quintet" - written between 1938-1939.

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